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Once called ‘The Flower Town of Canada’, Brampton is home to companies operating in manufacturing, retail, e-commerce, logistics, and several other industries. As one of 600,000 Canadians residing in the city, you likely spend the greater part of your day at work, with little time to spare for the gym, a daily jog or a leisurely walk at the park.

Unfortunately, a work-centric lifestyle has adverse effects on your physical well-being in the form of occupation-associated conditions, which can include: 

  •       Upper and lower back pain, resulting from sitting in uncomfortable office chairs all day long at the office.
  •       Posture problems and lower leg pain, are inevitable outcomes of spending long hours at work while standing, such as when stationed on a busy production floor.
  •       Finger, wrist, forearm, upper arm, and shoulder pain, which are undesirable consequences of a daily work routine composed of repetitive hand motions, such as when typing, sorting items on a conveyor belt, stacking heavy product-laden crates, etc.

Fortunately,  booking Activa Clinic’s occupational physiotherapy at our Brampton facility is an ideal option for effectively managing or completely resolving your work-related physiological condition.

Furthermore, our vast portfolio of proven therapeutic techniques ensures you find the most beneficial physiotherapy for a pediatric or geriatric condition affecting a loved one including custom orthotics.

Brampton Activa Clinics Therapy Services

You access multidisciplinary physiotherapy when you schedule Activa Clinics therapy services at our ultramodern Brampton facility.

Our three main physiotherapy services categories are:

Occupational Therapy

Cater to sports/work-related conditions that feature pain as a dominant symptom, e.g., Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Tendonitis, shin splints, back pain, etc.

Pediatric Physiotherapy

Caters to deformities and physical conditions affecting children, e.g., Congenital Hand Deformities, elbow fractures, post-surgery pain, etc.

Geriatric Physiotherapy

Caters to age-related conditions that affect the elderly, e.g., Arthritis of the hands and knees, Osteoporosis, Pelvic Fractures, etc.

Another way cervical support pillows help is by ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. Because besides being therapeutic, they are comfortable pillows. That’s helpful because getting enough rest is an important part of the healing process and will help relieve your neck pain.


Exceptional Facilities & Expert Diagnosis in Brampton

Our state-of-the-art Activa Clinic Brampton is outfitted for mainstream and specialized therapeutic treatment, such as Electrotherapy, Ultrasound, Arthritis Osteoarthritis Physiotherapy, Chiropractic Care, Hand therapy, tens therapy, Oriental Massage, and Acupuncture.

You are assured of accurate diagnosis and professional physiotherapy service from our competent and experienced team of PCE-certified therapists. Finally, you don’t need a doctor’s referral to schedule consultation and therapy services at our Activa Clinics Brampton clinic.

Call our friendly 24/7 customer service staff or make a visit to our ultramodern physiotherapy clinic in Brampton.

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Brampton Activa Clinics FAQs

Yes. Massage can be harmful when administered by an incompetent therapist.  Luckily, you are assured of expert and professional massage therapy when you schedule a session at Activa Clinics Brampton.

Yes, massage does facilitate the release of toxins by increasing blood circulation within the area under treatment. This translates to increased supply of vital nutrients and fast removal of toxins produced by natural metabolic processes.

Chiropractic adjustments re-align the musculoskeletal systems. Usually, it is the position of the joints that is adjusted. Because the tendons and ligaments are attached to the bones, they too are realigned. This, in turn, returns muscles, veins, and nerves to proper alignment. Bringing the body back into alignment improves the flow of nerve signals, blood and nutrients making it easier to stay healthy.