Weight Loss Program

With our weight loss program, we make it easy to reach and maintain a healthy weight. Reduce your chances of developing other health issues, and start enjoying better overall health and wellness.

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As opposed to fad diets or typical weight loss plans, our program focuses on correcting your body’s imbalances. This could include things like hormonal imbalances, liver problems, and mental health issues that cause weight gain. By correcting those imbalances, we offer a safe and easy way to lose weight.

Our weight loss plans may also incorporate cold laser therapy. This treatment will boost your metabolism, lower your appetite, and increase your endorphin levels. By combining this laser therapy with mild exercise, a sensible diet, and detoxification, we can get you on track to a healthier life. With our program, you can drop about 2-3 pounds per week, which adds up to 8-12 pounds per month.

Custom Treatment Programs

Our programs are completely customizable so they can focus on your unique issues and goals. In addition to the weight loss program, we also offer related services including personal training and nutrition consultations.

Dropping your excess weight is one of the most effective ways to improve your overall health. Research shows that even a 5 percent decrease in your weight can make real improvements to your cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugars. 

Some of the many benefits you’ll enjoy from reaching a healthy weight are:

  • More energy
  • Improved mobility
  • Deceased joint pain
  • Reduced risk for many health conditions
  • Better sleep
  • Better sex life
  • Improved mood
  • Decreased stress
  • Greater confidence

Lose The Weight and Keep It Off

This program will also help you maintain your healthy lifestyle in the future. When you complete the program, we’ll provide you with an exercise guide, a handbook on healthy eating, and a follow-up session.

Let us help you reach your weight loss goals. We’ll get you looking and feeling great. You’ll have more energy and a reduced risk of developing weight-related health conditions.

Contact us or schedule a consultation today to learn more about how we can help you.

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  • 1. What Is the Best Weight Loss Program?

    The best weight loss program is one that fits in with the way you live your life. If you like sweet things you are far more likely to stick to a diet that allows you to eat a small amount of chocolate every day than one that deprives you completely of sugary foods. Starving yourself, only eating a few select foods are bad ideas. A low calorie, plant-based diet that incorporates enough protein works well for most people.

  • 2. How Can I Lose 20 Pounds in a Month?

    Most people who are moderately overweight cannot safely lose 20 pounds in a month. To lose that amount you would need to create a calorific deficit of 70,000. Over 30 days, that is around 2,333 calories per day. If you did that, you could not possibly eat enough food to nourish your body properly. Even if you exercised frantically for several hours a day you would still have to restrict your calorie intake to the point where you could become ill.

  • 3. Will Losing 50 Pounds Causes Loose Skin?

    Provided the weight comes off gradually and you have good skin tone, losing 50 pounds is not likely to cause loose skin. However, everyone is different, so there is still a chance that it will. Exercising and conditioning your skin will both help to make that less likely. Whereas if you were to lose 100 pounds, the chances of your developing lose skin soar to 70%, especially if you have bariatric surgery because the weight loss will be fast.