Toronto Hand Therapy

Sustaining an injury to the hand or coping with significant pain on a regular basis can be very overwhelming for any patient. This is one of the most common reasons for a party affected by a serious injury to contact a knowledgeable hand therapist. For the proper hand therapy in Toronto it is important to do your research ahead of time to make sure that you are searching for a hand therapist in Toronto who has the necessary experience and interest in helping with your concerns.

Hand Therapy in Toronto, ON

We sometimes take our hands for granted but there's not much that we can do literally if our hands are injured. Thankfully, hand therapy is readily available to you and is one of the most common and effective services offered by occupational and physical therapists.

This is a service that you can easily get in a big city like Toronto. In order to get good results with your hand therapy outcome you need to choose a reliable therapy clinic that offers a variety of hand therapy options.

If you have just begun to suffer from carpal tunnel, for example, you can get support with therapy today that both helps the symptoms in the immediate future and reduces the conditions impact on your life. This can give you peace of mind and better enjoyment of your day to day life. At our Toronto hand therapy clinic, we believe that no patient should have to accept their fate when it comes to chronic pain- treatment options are available to you and we can help you design a treatment plan for your overall health and wellness goals.

Hnd Therapy

Benefits of Hand Therapy

Hand therapy is known as extremely effective for a broad variety of different types of circumstances. Hand therapy refers to the science of treating range of motion and strength issues in the hands. However, it can also include the shoulders, wrists, forearms and elbows.

Most people who are reaching out for hand therapy in Toronto have a chronic condition or an injury that demands therapeutic support. If you are looking to regain functionality in some part of your upper extremity, a hand therapist in Toronto might be able to help you achieve it. Hand therapy is very effective for treatments such as, carpal tunnel syndrome, hand pain due to a variety of causes, strains, burns and fractures. Furthermore, hand therapy in Toronto might be recommended to you after hand surgery or an amputation.

Additionally, hand therapy often comes up during a consultation with a physician as it relates to treatment and therapy for diseases or conditions, such as tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis, or finger numbness. Another common reason to hire a hand therapist in Toronto is to improve your flexibility in movement and to prevent injuries to joints or hand muscles.

Find a Reliable Hand Therapist in Toronto, ON

Finding the right person to help you with your hand therapy journey is important. This physical therapist will be working with you directly so you should be comfortable with their area of experience and expertise as well as have confidence in their abilities to help you. Place your hands in the reliable hands of a therapist.


One of the most important things you can do when searching for a hand therapist in Toronto is to find someone who is a certified hand therapist (CHT). This requires five years clinical experience as an OT or PT, passage of the CHT test, 4,000 hours of hand therapy practice and this requires recertification every five years.

Other Attributes

There are other attributes that can help you choose the right hand therapist in Toronto. This includes being patient, supportive and caring, good with gathering information about the patient that is used to determine the course of action and good with communication, particularly during the therapy process.

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Activa’s hand therapy service has received high marks from numerous patients as a result of our effective results with hand rehabilitation or treatment for hand injuries or condition. There are hand therapists in Activa clinics that are all certified OTs and physiotherapists that have adopted a holistic approach to treatment. Costs and coverage options will vary based on the severity of your injury or chronic condition and your hand therapist can discuss the best options for you at the outset of your discussion.

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FAQs About Hand Therapy in Toronto, ON

What is the purpose of hand therapy?

For most people they are suffering consistent pain and problems on a daily basis as a result of a chronic condition or a hand injury. Hand therapy is used to design a comprehensive treatment program to address this and to provide relief during the therapy sessions. Most patients are able to regain some strength and mobility as a result.

How is hand therapy beneficial for my health?

Hand therapy can have positive benefits not just for your physical health but for your emotional health as well. Contacting a hand therapist in Toronto could be the first step towards significant recovery.

Is hand therapy also a good preventive measure?

If you have begun to experience the early signs of some serious hand injuries, you may be able to minimize their potential impact by being proactive and getting the necessary treatments scheduled.

Scheduling a consultation with our hand therapist in Toronto, ON should be your first step. No matter where you are at in your journey, we are here to help and support.