Neck Massager: Shiatsu and Vibration


Shoulder pains from sitting for long periods in one position? Slept badly and experiencing Neck Pain?

Try the soothing neck massager with 3 massage options targeted for your neck; rotating Shiatsu, invigorating vibration, or a combination of both. Soothing heat provides a more relaxing massage.  Flex handles to customize your massage experience.

  • NECK MASSAGER WITH OPTIONS: Choose from 3 soothing neck massage modes:
    • Deep kneading Shiatsu massage
    • Relaxing vibration massage
    • Combined vibration and Shiatsu massage
  • ADD HEAT:  Supplementary heat option for an even more relaxing neck massage
  • EASY CONTROL: Integrated thumb-activated controls for instant massage mode changes while in use
  • CUSTOM COMFORT: Flex handles to customize the intensity of your massage

Additional information

Weight1.20 kg
Dimensions32 × 16 × 27 cm


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