Mission and Core Values

At Activa Clinics, our mission is to help our valued patients achieve active and healthy lifestyles, as pain-free as possible. We accomplish this by providing the best healthcare services availablealong with a healthy dose of care and compassion.

Our most important priority is the needs of our patients and it guides our approach through every step of their recovery journey.

By drawing on the knowledge and experience of our staff, we are proud to provide care that always meets the highest standards and this is why our many patients trust us the way they do.

Good health is the foundation to living fully, and that’s what motivates us daily. We’re driven by the knowledge that by working with our patients, we can really change their lives.

Patient Focused Health

We offer customized treatment programs that are tailored to the needs of each patient. Our wide range of services also means we can treat all aspects of a patient’s health. That includes everything from massage therapy to psychological counselling.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be leaders in patient-focused healthcare and rehabilitation services. Through our integrity, quality of care, and personalized approach, we aim to treat each patient as if they were a member of our family.

By taking a complete view of their health and wellness, we aim to redefine what our patients expect when it comes to healthcare services. We go beyond just helping them overcome pain or limitations caused by injuries or medical conditions. Instead, we work to alleviate the underlying causes of their issues, because that’s what produces lasting results.

Quality Care

Our team includes a wide variety of healthcare professionals. They range from physiotherapists and chiropractors to psychologists and counsellors. What they all have in common is their expertise, compassion and ability to deliver top-quality healthcare services. 

Our professionals also use the latest technologies and treatments to help patients achieve health and wellness. From laser therapy and sleep studies to MRIs and CT scans, we do it all.

Making a Difference
in Patients’ Lives

Through our healthcare services, we help people to live more fully. Through our rehabilitation services, we get people back to feeling like themselves again, and through our corporate healthcare services, we help employers make sure their workforce stays healthy, happy, and safe.

Join us on your journey to a healthier lifestyle!