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If you are looking for a physiotherapist in Scarborough, Activa Clinics Scarborough focuses on a wide range of treatments for musculoskeletal conditions. Our physiotherapists use both manual therapy and active therapy programs to treat our valued patients. We have the latest technology including cold laser therapy, IFC and ultrasound. Our customized exercise programs reduce your pain, improve your range of motion, increase your strength and improve your overall level of function.

At Activa Clinics Scarborough, our physiotherapists work with other highly qualified Activa practitioners to treat conditions such as injuries sustained at work, in sports, motor vehicle accidents, age related aches and pains, limitations in range of motion and many other conditions.

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Activa Clinics Scarborough Other Services:
Massage Therapy
Corporate Healthcare
Custom Orthotics/shoes
Compression Stockings
Insurer/WSIB services

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