Physiotherapy Clinic and Services in Kitchener

Activa Clinics Kitchener is pleased to offer Physiotherapy services at our Kitchener location.

Physiotherapy Kitchener is concerned with remediation of impairments and disabilities. A physiotherapist aids in return to function of the injured area (muscles, joints, ligaments) using various techniques including manual, modalities, exercise and lifestyle coaching. A physiotherapist may recommend assistive devices (available at our clinics) to expedite recovery aiding a patient's return to function.

The clinic is located in a medical building, where our patients have access to physician, dental and pharmaceutical services. It is beautifully designed and is fully equipped with the latest rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment to serve you better.

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Activa Clinic Kitchener's Services:

Massage Therapy
Corporate Healthcare

Custom orthotics/shoes
Compression stockings
Personal Training
Insurer/WSIB services
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