Physiotherapy Clinic and Services in Hamilton

At Activa Clinics Hamilton we pride ourselves on our services. Hamilton Physiotherapy is concerned with prevention and treatment of physical disabilities, disease, pain and discomfort using a variety of manual techniques. Following a thorough examination, which includes a health history review and physical examination, the physiotherapist will determine which technique would have the most effective results.

Physiotherapy techniques can include the use of pain modalities such as heat or ice, IFC, gentle stretches, graduated exercises and some work on exercise machines. The physiotherapist ensures that your experience is both fun and pain relieving. At the end of your therapy sessions you will be stronger, confident and more energetic. Physiotherapy is modified to fit the unique needs of individual patients.

Activa Clinics Hamilton is located in a medical building, where our patients have access to physician, dental and pharmacy services. The clinic is equipped with the latest rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment to serve you better.

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