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At Activa Clinics Toronto East we are proud to offer orthotics and shoes for our valued patients. Custom made orthotics can help you by correcting the alignment of your foot and improving foot function. A custom made orthotic is a device made from the impression of your feet, which is worn inside the shoe. Are you looking for orthotics Toronto?

Orthotics relieve pain by starting at the foundation of your body, the feet. At Activa clinics Toronto East we understand that the best foot care starts by assessing patient’s unique feet and prescribing a precise orthotic to custom fit the individual. By correcting poor alignment and promoting proper foot function orthotics can correct foot abnormalities, stabilize the twenty-six bones in your feet, and gradually restore your walking gait.

Unlike off-the-shelf arch supports or shoes custom orthotics improve foot function with every step. Orthotics are beneficial for everyone including children, adults and seniors. If you suffer from arch pain, flat feet, stand for prolonged periods of time, or play sports orthotics might be a right fit for you.

 We provide you with custom made orthotics for a variety of different types of conditions such as diabetes, flat feet and heel spurs. We can also custom make your orthotics based on the type of sports you are involved in such as golf, soccer, hockey, skiing and running.

Our modern, spa-like clinic is beautifully designed and is fully equipped with the latest rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment to serve you better.

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