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At Activa Clinics Brampton we are proud to offer orthotics and shoes for our valued patients. A custom made orthotic is a device made from the impression of your feet, which is worn inside the shoe. Custom made orthotics can help you by correcting the alignment of your foot and improving foot function. Are you looking for orthotics Brampton?

Orthotics can alleviate heel and foot pain as well as improve the balance and functionality of the twenty-six bones and over one-hundred muscles of the ankle and foot. By stabilizing and cushioning the foot, a patient’s foot pain, knee pain and back pain can be improved. The feet are the foundation of the whole body's balance and are imperative in maintaining the stability of the human frame.  Custom made orthotics can help you by correcting the alignment of your foot and improving foot function.

At Activa Clinics Brampton we provide you with  personalised orthotics. A patient is then able to re-establish proper weight distribution, improve joint function, improve mobility of the lower body, prevent pain and abnormal foot distortions (such as bunions). Orthotics can be made for any age group and are especially important for children to encourage proper foot movement. They are also highly recommended for athletes who play hockey, soccer, or golf and anyone who is required to stand or walk for prolonged periods of time. 

Our modern, spa-like, 2800 square foot clinic is beautifully designed and is fully equipped with the latest rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment to serve you better.

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