12 September, 2012

Simrah Student Intern Summer 2012 Review of Activa Experience

1. What school are you from and what grade are you currently in?

I am from Rick Hansen Secondary School, and have graduated this year. Going on to Humber College for sciences

2. What made you choose Activa Clinics as an internship?

I chose Activa Clinics as an internship placement because of the variety of services and opportunities it offers me. Activa Clinics had allowed me to work with a lot of different kinds of practitioners as well as gave me an opportunity to work in an office environment.

3. How long was your internship with Activa Clinics?

My internship at Activa Clinics was for approximately a month.

4. What area of study do you plan to pursue in University or College?

I would like to go in to psychology in the suture but right now concentrating on general sciences.

5. What appealed to you about Activa Clinics that made you pursue an internship with our company?

The variety that is offered by Activa Clinics was the main thing which appealed to me to pursue my internship here. I have worked with many types of practitioners, worked in the office as a receptionist

6. Was management fair, considerate, approachable?

I believe that the management was fair and definitely approachable. I was given work with very clear instructions making it easier for me to do the job and also was given the opportunity to ask a lot of questions.

7. What did you enjoy most about your daily activities at Activa Clinics?

I think the most that I enjoyed at Activa Clinics would be the people and the environment. Everyone is so welcoming and inviting.

8. Has Activa Clinics helped you grow in terms of work experience & exposure to areas you are interested in pursuing after High School?

Activa Clinics has definitely helped me grow in terms of work experience and has opened up a lot of opportunities for me. Any kind of career in the medical field requires you to have either worked or volunteered in the field and this experience would certainly help me with that.

9. Would you recommend Activa Clinics to other students looking for internships?

I would absolutely recommend Activa Clinics to students who are looking for an internship placement in the area of medicine and or business because the amazing thing about this company is that it allows you to work in both areas.

Activa Impacts Future Healthcare Leaders by fostering Student Co-Op Placements for Community Youth

Activa placed a student named Ornella at our Brampton location. Ornella was interested in Chiropractic and was able to shadow Dr. Gina Bajaj where she developed many skills and had a positive experience. The school was so appreciative that they awarded Activa management with a Plaque.

Dr. Neil Dhalla (President & CEO) and Hari Nirula (Vice President of Operations) of Activa Clinics were awarded a Plaque from L’Ecole secondaire catholique Sainte-Famille for their involvement and contribution to the co-operative education program in 2012.