Registered Massage Therapy Clinic in Mississauga

At Activa Clinics Mississauga we are proud to offer Massage Therapy for our valued patients. Our clinic has been serving Mississauga residents for over 10 years. Are you looking for Massage Therapy Mississauga?

Registered Massage Therapy in Mississauga primarily focuses on the treatment of the muscular system of the body using different forms of manual therapy. Massage therapy can help with relaxation, reduce pain, tightness and stiffness, improve joint mobility, improve blood circulation, increase lymphatic drainage and improve overall function.

At Activa Clinics Mississauga, our experienced registered massage therapists work alongside the rest of our healthcare team to treat headaches, pain, fibromyalgia, injuries, carpal tunnel, whiplash, tension and many other conditions. They use techniques such as Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, rocking, effleurage, petrissage, tapotement, vibration, friction, deep facial, stretching, joint mobilization and many more, to achieve the desired results.

With a team approach to the healthcare of our patients, Activa Clinics Mississauga ensures our patients reach their goals in the shortest possible time.

Our modern, spa-like, 3700 square foot clinic is beautifully designed and is fully equipped with the latest rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment to serve you better.

Contact us today and find out about our Mississauga Massage Therapy services today.
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