Mental Health Services



Our clinics provide comprehensive mental health solutions for a broad range of conditions. Our team of mental health professionals use evidence-based treatments to help patients achieve their goals and fulfill their potential.
We place an emphasis on meeting the unique needs of each individual taking into consideration cultural and ethnic diversity. At Activa Clinics, our experienced and knowledgeable multi-disciplinary mental health team includes psychologists, social workers, psychotherapists, and counsellors.

Conditions Treated
At Activa Clinics, we provide treatment for numerous psychological conditions including:

• Depression • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
• Anxiety • Phobic Reactions
• Stress/Work-life balance • Social Phobia
• Relationship Conflicts/Difficulties • Family Issues
• Motor Vehicle Accident • Sleeping Disorders
• Work-related injuries • Personality Disorders
• Chronic Pain • Eating Disorders
• Bereavement/Grief • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
• Career transitions  


• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
• Interpersonal Psychotherapy
• Short-term Psychodynamic Therapy
• Emotion Focused Therapy
• Client-Centered Therapy
• Dialetical Behaviour Therapy
• Psychologists
• Psychotherapists
• Counsellors
• Social Workers



Individual Counselling
Involves one-on-one counselling sessions with our registered mental health professionals in a private, confidential, and comfortable environment in order to resolve a range of symptoms, conflicts, and life challenges.

Marriage/Couples Counselling
Entails counselling for couples with the goal of creating collaborative and mutually agreed upon objectives to deal with issues such as communication breakdowns, anger management, parenting, intimacy and financial difficulties.

Family Counselling
Counselling for all family members to overcome issues in a collaborative and respectful manner, with the goal of providing the family strength, resolve, and healthy resolutions.

Psychological Assessment
Psychological assessments involve comprehensive psychometric testing and consultation with patients. At Activa Clinics, we provide a variety of assessments for motor-vehicle accidents, driving anxiety, work-related injuries, learning/educational challenges, personality changes, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and career transitions. A detailed psychological report is provided to each patient with specific remedial recommendations.