Motor vehicle accident comprehensive
rehabilitation program

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, early assessment and treatment is very important.  If left untreated, even minor injuries can develop into more serious conditions. 


At Activa clinics we specialize in the treatment of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.  Our experienced team of health care providers realize that each patient’s needs and injuries are unique.  Therefore, a comprehensive physical and functional assessment is performed for each patient.  Based on the results of the assessment, a treatment program is custom designed for the patient to treat injury, accelerate recovery and restore function, mobility and strength. 

Our comprehensive rehabilitation program can include:

·         Physiotherapy

·         Chiropractic

·         Massage therapy

·         Acupuncture

·         Kinesiology

·         Laser therapy

·         Electrical modalities

·         Ultrasound

·         Spinal traction

·         Custom exercise programs

·         Specialist consultation

·         An many more forms of treatment


Aqua therapy

Aqua therapy is supervised exercise and treatment in water.  It can also be used for older patients or patients with disc problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, injuries, joint and muscle pain and a variety of other conditions. 


The resistance provided by water can be used as a gentle strengthening tool, while being weightless in water takes the pressure off muscles and joints of the body and allows treatment of patients who are not fully weight bearing.



Work conditioning programs

If you are unable to return to work as a result of injuries you have sustained at work, in an accident or as a result of playing sports, we have the solution for you. 


We begin by determining the physical demands of your job.  Next we assess your functional capabilities to determine your limitations as far as your job is concerned.  After that we design a program to improve your level of function so that you can meet the physical demands of your job. This program consists of exercises and clinic based simulation of the physical demands of your job.  The intensive program is designed to gradually improve your endurance and allow you to return to work without aggravation of your condition.



Chronic pain programs

Our multidisciplinary chronic pain programs are custom designed on a case by case basis to address physical, functional and psychological issues faced by those suffering from chronic pain.  Pain unresolved after 6 months


Our objective is to improve quality of life and increase the level of function of individuals suffering from chronic pain by providing innovative and customized healthcare solutions.  We wish to empower our patients with the knowledge and resources so that they may lead active, healthy and fulfilling lives.


The chronic pain program is a unique program, which integrates the key fundamentals of life; mind and body.  We strive to return patients to a satisfying, self sufficient and productive lifestyle, so that they may return to their pre-injury status. 


We recognize each patient is an individual with distinctive needs and goals.  To meet those needs, we measure and consider individual strengths, limitations, expectations and aptitudes.  We work in partnership with our patients to design personalized programs.   Return to pre-injury activities of daily living becomes our joint priority and goal.  Our patients are always encouraged to take personal responsibility for expediting and maximizing their recovery.



Psychological counseling

At Activa Clinics we believe mental health is as important as physical health.  We realize that many of our patients face challenges in life, which has a negative impact on their physical and emotional well being.  Therefore, we offer psychological counseling by highly trained professionals as part of our multidisciplinary approach to the health of our patients.