Health And Wellness

Custom made Orthotics & Orthotic Shoes

A custom made orthotic is a device made from the impression of your feet, which is worn inside the shoe.  Custom made orthotics can help you by correcting the alignment of your foot and improving foot function.


You can benefit from custom made othotics If you:

·         Are involved in sports or for work related use

·         Have to stand or walk for extended periods

·         Suffer from arch pain, low back pain, headaches, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain

·         Have flat feet

·         Suffer from heel spurs, corns, callouses

·         And many other foot conditions


Since each person’s feet are unique to them, buying off the shelf arch supports do not provide effective results.  In our clinics we perform a comprehensive examination of your feet, complete a gait analysis and form a cast of you feet, which is used to make a custom orthotic specifically contoured for each of your feet.  Custom made orthotics can be made for children, adults and seniors.


We provide you with custom made orthotics for a variety of different types of conditions such as diabetes, flat feet and heel spurs.  We can also custom make your orthotics based on the type of sports you are involved in such as golf, soccer, hockey, skiing and running.



Orthotic Shoes

Orthotic shoes are designed to provide excellent support for the feet and are helpful if you suffer from conditions such as foot pain, ankle pain, knee pain or low back pain. Most orthotic shoes come with removable insoles to accommodate the use of custom made orthotics. 


At our clinics you can choose from a wide selection of stylish, comfortable and well recognized brands of shoes such as Rockport, Ecco, Florsheim, Nike, Adidas and Puma to fit your lifestyle.



Compression Stockings

Many people suffer from swelling in the legs due to the pooling of blood and lymphatic fluids in the legs and feet.  As a result the following conditions may result: varicose veins, phlebitis, edema, thrombosis and other circulatory problems.  Elevating the legs tends to only provide short term relief and prolonged standing and walking tend to aggravate the condition.


Compression stockings are designed to fit perfectly and to provide the required amount of constant pressure on the feet and legs.  This constant pressure stops the blood from pooling in the legs by forcing it back up, thereby decreasing the swelling and pressure on the veins in the legs and feet.


Compression stockings come in different colours and styles for men and women.  In our clinics, we take careful measurements of you legs to ensure the proper fit of the compression stockings and advise you on the best type of compression stocking for you condition.



Smoking Cessation

Are you or someone you know having trouble quitting smoking? Are you tired of trying expensive patches and programs that don’t work? At Activa Clinics we offer you a drug free, patch free and pain free Smoking Cessation Program.  Using the latest technology, in just a few short sessions, we can help you stop smoking.


Many stop smoking programs such as “gum” and “patch” are drug based.  We believe replacing one addictive substance with another does not make sense.  Our program for smoking cessation uses cold laser to help you deal with the physical side effects of smoking such as withdrawal symptoms. 


Using cold laser, we target energy points on the body, which stimulates the body to detoxify nicotine and causes the body to release endorphins.  Endorphins are natural chemicals produced by the body, which have a calming and pain reducing effect.  These endorphins replace the nicotine triggered endorphins to which smokers are addicted, thereby reducing the craving for nicotine and withdrawal symptoms.  The endorphins also assist in sleeping, reduce stress and give you a general sense of well being.


Laser therapy often causes a change in taste thresholds or the perceived taste of tobacco, making it less desirable and even objectionable.  This lowers the overall desire to continue smoking.


We will also educate you on techniques to beat the associated psychological issues by giving you helpful hints, discussing the differences between psychological and physical craving, breaking the habit and detoxifying. 


After the completion of your program we will provide you with a handbook, a relaxation CD and  follow-up sessions as needed.



Weight Loss

Activa Clinics is proud to announce our Weight Loss Program.  Say goodbye to fad diets, injections and grueling workouts.  Now our clients have a safe, healthy and easy way to lose weight.  We understand that each person is unique.  As a result we build a customized Weight Loss Program to suit your needs.  Who knew losing weight could be this easy?


Many weight loss programs focus on dieting, caloric intake and portion control.  Our programs focuses on correcting your body’s internal imbalances such as hormonal imbalance, personality or emotional eating or liver dysfunction. 

Our cold laser weight loss program will speed up your metabolism, decrease your appetite, control you hunger cravings and increase your endorphin levels and it will do all of that without the use of pills or chemicals.


Laser therapy program, combined with a healthy diet, mild exercise and detoxification will get you back on track to a healthier you and a healthier future.  You can realize real change with our program along with some discipline and patience. 


We help you lose weight and keep it off! You know you did not gain the weight overnight.  Therefore, you cannot expect to lose it overnight either.  With our program you will lose about 2-3 pounds per week or 8-12 lbs per month.  You will lose inches before you lose weight and you will notice this in the way your clothes will fit you.

After the completion of our program we will provide you with a handbook on healthy eating, an exercise guide and follow-up sessions as needed.


Look great, feel great!



Nutritional Counseling

If your goals are to lose weight, have a healthy pregnancy, manage a chronic condition such as diabetes or just live a healthier lifestyle, we can help.  A great deal of information about nutrition is available, which can make it difficult to make good healthy eating decisions.


At Activa Clinics our Nutritionists and Dietitians can help you make informed decisions, educate you and give you practical advice regarding nutrition to suit your taste, lifestyle or metabolic conditions. 




Once you have undergone a comprehensive physical examination with us and we have diagnosed your condition, along with our passive therapies we will design a customized exercise program to help improve your physical condition. 


We believe improving your flexibility, strengthening your muscles, increasing your endurance and stabilizing your joints are a very important part of your recovery process.  Our skilled therapists and Kinesiologists will use clinically proven exercises and advanced equipment to help you recover from your injury quickly, returning you to your normal activities and helping prevent future injuries from occurring.



Personal Training

Do you want to start exercising, but don’t know where to begin?

At Activa Clinics, our Personal Trainers are there to help by performing a fitness assessment to determine your strengths and weaknesses. They then design a customized exercise program to meet your specific needs & goals. 

Training sessions will comprise of one on one time with your Personal Trainer, who will motivate and instruct you.  Your Personal Trainer will monitor your progress and update your program to achieve whatever your goal may be in gaining strength, endurance and muscle mass.  Aside from exercises, your Personal Trainer may give you some directions regarding nutrition and lifestyle changes to make you healthier and stronger.