Smoking Cessation

Are you or someone you know having trouble quitting smoking? Are you tired of trying expensive patches and programs that don’t work? At Activa Clinics we offer you a drug free, patch free and pain free smoking cessation program.  Using the latest technology, in just a few short sessions, we can help you stop smoking.

Many stop smoking programs such as nicotine gums and patches are drug based.  We believe replacing one addictive substance with another does not make sense.  Our program for smoking cessation uses cold laser to help you deal with the physical side effects of quitting such as withdrawal symptoms.  

Using cold laser, we target energy points on the body, which stimulates the body to detoxify nicotine and causes the body to release endorphins.  Endorphins are natural chemicals produced by the body, which have a calming and pain reducing effect.  These endorphins replace the nicotine triggered endorphins to which smokers are addicted, thereby reducing the craving for nicotine and withdrawal symptoms.  The endorphins also assist in sleeping, reduce stress and give you a general sense of well being.

Laser therapy often causes a change in taste thresholds or the perceived taste of tobacco, making it less desirable and even objectionable.  This lowers the overall desire to continue smoking.

We will also educate you on techniques to beat the associated psychological issues by giving you helpful hints, discussing the differences between psychological and physical craving, breaking the habit and detoxifying.  

After the completion of your program we will provide you with a handbook, a relaxation CD and a follow-up session.