Custom Made Orthotics & Orthotic Shoes


A custom made orthotic is a device worn inside your shoe made from the impression of your feet.  Each person's feet are unique so buying off the shelf arch supports do not provide effective results.  Custom made orthotics can help you by correcting the alignment of your foot and improving foot function.

If you are involved in sports, have to stand or walk for extended periods, or suffer from low back pain, hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, foot pain, flat feet, heel spurs, corns, calluses, or arch pain you can benefit from custom made orthotics.

All of our clinics are proud to offer complete examinations of your feet, and complete a gait analysis. We then form a cast of you feet, which is used to make a custom orthotic specifically contoured for each of your feet. Activa provides custom made orthotics for patients with conditions such as diabetes, flat feet and heel spurs.  For active/sports-playing individuals we custom make orthotics based on the type of sports you are involved in such as golf, soccer, hockey, skiing and running.

This service is all of our five locations for your convenience. Book an appointment today indicating the location closest to you!