Chronic Pain Programs

Our multidisciplinary Chronic Pain Programs are custom designed on a case by case basis to address physical, functional and psychological issues faced by those suffering from chronic pain (defined as pain unresolved after 6 months).

Our objective is to improve quality of life and increase the level of function of individuals suffering from chronic pain by providing innovative and customized healthcare solutions.  We wish to empower our patients with the knowledge and resources so that they may lead active, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The Chronic Pain Program is a unique program that integrates the key fundamentals of life; mind and body.  We strive to return patients to a satisfying, self-sufficient and productive lifestyle, so that they may return to their pre-injury status. 

We recognize each patient is an individual with distinctive needs and goals.  To meet those needs, we measure and consider individual strengths, limitations, expectations and aptitudes.  We work in partnership with our patients to design personalized programs.   Return to pre-injury activities of daily living becomes our joint priority and goal.  Our patients are always encouraged to take personal responsibility for expediting and maximizing their recovery.