Weight Loss

At Activa clinics we are proud to announce our new weight loss program.  Say goodbye to fad diets, injections and grueling workouts.  Now our clients have a safe, healthy and easy way to lose weight.  We understand that each person is unique.  As a result we build a customized weight loss program to suite your needs.  Who knew losing weight could be this easy?!

Many weight loss programs focus on dieting, caloric intake and portion control.  Our program focuses on correcting your body’s internal imbalances such as hormonal imbalance, personality or emotional eating or liver dysfunction.  

Our cold laser weight loss program will speed up your metabolism, decrease your appetite, control you hunger cravings and increase your endorphin levels and it will do all of that without the use of pills or chemicals.

Laser therapy program, combined with a healthy diet, mild exercise and detoxification will get you back on track to a healthier you and a healthier future.  You can realize real change with our program as well as a little common sense, discipline and patience.  

You know you did not gain the weight overnight.  Therefore, you cannot expect to lose it overnight either.  With our program you will lose about 2-3 pounds per week or 8-12 lbs per month.  You will lose inches before you lose weight and you will notice this in the way your clothes will fit you.

After the completion of our program we will provide you with a handbook on healthy eating, an exercise guide and a follow-up session.