Compression Stockings


Many people suffer from swelling in the legs due to the pooling of blood and lymphatic fluids in the legs and feet.  This may lead to varicose veins, phlebitis, edema, thrombosis and other circulatory problems.  Elevating the legs tends to only provide short term relief and prolonged standing and walking tend to aggravate the condition.


Compression stockings are designed to fit perfectly and to provide the required amount of constant pressure on the feet and legs.  This constant pressure stops the blood from pooling in the legs by forcing it back up, thereby decreasing the swelling and pressure on the veins in the legs and feet.

Compression stockings come in different colours and styles for men and women.  In our clinics, we take careful measurements of you legs to ensure the proper fit of the compression stockings and advise you on the best type of compression stocking for you condition.