Injury, Post-Operative & Fracture Rehabilitation Programs

At Activa Clinics we treat injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents and falls, sports injuries, work related injuries, acute injuries, chronic conditions, post-operative limitations and post-fracture limitations. 

Our experienced team of health care providers realizes that each patient’s needs are unique.  Therefore, a comprehensive physical and functional assessment is performed for each patient.  Based on the results of the assessment, a treatment program is custom designed for the patient to treat injury, accelerate recovery and restore function, mobility and strength. 

Our services include:

  •          Physiotherapy
  •          Chiropractic
  •          Massage Therapy
  •          Acupuncture
  •          Kinesiology/ Custom Exercise Programs
  •          Laser Therapy (Theralase)
  •          Electrical Modalities
  •          Ultrasound
  •          Spinal Traction
  •          Specialist Consultation